RANGE Magazine Issue Nine: The Life Cycle

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It’s official. Issue Nine of RANGE Magazine is now available in print on 100% recycled paper and online, and this Summer 2018 issue is dedicated to sustainability.

Sustainability means creating balance by avoiding a depletion of natural resources. This strategy can be applied to our physical environment as well as the mental spaces we create, which are often overstimulated and digitally dependent. In a perfectly mindful world, our personal time and energy would be considered just as precious as the forests and water in the lands we also take for granted. Our mental energy is a critical resource and we should all strive to incorporate rituals into our daily routines that can help bridge the gap between being available and being present. Issue Nine takes a look at several new strategies to preserve this energy, some initiated by the very tech giants that fast tracked society on the road to digital dependence.

In every part of our lives, we’re programmed to think we need more. Mindless purchases conveniently clickable from our devices. More status and stability sought via packages delivered to our doorsteps. How can we build a more sustainable life cycle while navigating this constant need to consume and connect? RANGE spoke to a series of experts who can fill us in on tactics for buying less and buying better, creating a compilation of real-life tools for our readers. Our personal habits may be powerful, but we must ultimately hold ourselves accountable for the collective actions of our communities. As change agents, we must challenge brands to think globally while acting locally because small, sensible adjustments adopted on a worldwide scale will have a huge impact both today and tomorrow. In Issue Nine, we’re also lifting the curtain on what brands can do to create sustainable products and breaking down the true meaning behind those “eco-conscious” labels you see every day.

When it comes to ecology, economics, politics and culture, sustainability shouldn’t be a privilege or an unachievable ideal. It must be realized as our human right and a new standard for considered living. This issue will explore personal narratives, photo essays and illustrations dedicated to preserving the planet and our sense of self within this boundless ecosystem.

Flip through the pages of the new issue virtually here or if you’re at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2018 this week, get your hands on a print copy at Booth VO358-SL, where we’ll also be hosting a number of panels and activations.

Cover image by Vilde Rolfsen

xx Jeanine