1. Rad Retailers: Leeward Northwest Surf & Sea

    By now, you may or may not know about Portland, Oregon’s surf scene. Maybe you’re a local, or you heard about it in passing from an OG Pacific Northwest wave runner or a coastal transient. Or maybe you’ve made the two-hour ride outside the city to brave the moody waters of the Pacific Ocean and scope it out yourself once or twice. But if you haven’t heard about Portland’s surf scene, you’re about to. … Read More

  2. The Water’s Fine: Photographer Steven Nereo is Making Waves

    Los Angeles photographer Steven Nereo began taking snapshots between waves while surfing Malibu and Venice Beach. “I got a waterproof case for my phone and started shooting in the water. It was really fun, so I wanted to do more. I just went out and bought a film camera and a waterproof housing on Craigslist. It was a dive housing, which is weighted to compensate for trapped air, so when you’re 20 feet underwater, it’s stationary. Even without the camera and the weights, it’s 15 pounds. I finally figured out that what I needed was called a splash housing for shooting above the water.”
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  3. On Our Radar: Vanguard Fall 2015

    Never forget where you came from. That’s what your parents said before you flew the nest, right? For Queensland, Australia-based apparel company Vanguard, this means sticking to its founding laid-back vibes and style of clothing, which focuses on coastlines and curbsides. Since 2005, the brand has managed to maintain its “Serial Chiller” roots while creating progressive designs, and their Fall 2015 men’s collection is no different.

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  4. On Our Radar: Women’s Surf Apparel by Wellen

    Several years ago at Agenda in Long Beach, CA, we had the pleasure of meeting some amazing guys that had JUST started a lifestyle/surf clothing company called Wellen. Not only were they genuinely nice guys with brilliant smiles and perfect summer hair (we are talking about you, Matt!), but they were also talented. Their approach to color and graphics are what initially drew us into their booth, so we started to chat and came to realize over the course of the conversation that these surfboard shapers-turned-apparel-entrepreneurs were about to make their mark on the surf industry in a big way.

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