1. On Our Radar: The Nau Slight Collection

    We can all agree that it’s pretty frustrating during this time of year when temperatures vary throughout the day and that jacket you left the house in this morning is no longer needed once it hits noon. While you can drape it over your arm or try stuffing it in your already full bag, wouldn’t it be nice to just fold it up into a neat little package? Clearly the folks at Nau have also dealt with the springtime jacket struggle, so to address this issue, they’ve launched their Slight Collection, which features lightweight jackets that can easily be compacted and folded down into their own pockets. … Read More

  2. The BEST Environmentally Conscious Outerwear For Spring Adventures

    The “tweener” stage. Sometimes it means you’re not quite a rebellious teenager and not really an immature child, or sometimes it’s feeling unstable, in limbo from one life decision to the next. For us, hanging out in the “tweener” stage often signifies that time of year when it’s not quite summer yet, but warmer temps have us itching to hike, paddle, cycle and get moving outside.

    … Read More