1. Kassia Surf: Modern Day Mermaid

    In an echoing concrete space in downtown Los Angeles, Kassia Meador and friends have built a beach fort for the Parachute Market design show, complete with poured sand floor and repurposed pallet table. Huge pieces of salvaged driftwood and surfboards are lashed together with rope, while the brand’s psychedelic tie-dye wetsuits hang from sun-bleached branches. … Read More

  2. Silence / Shapes: An Interview With Filippo Minelli

    After witnessing political protests where smoke bombs were used, Filippo Minelli was inspired to utilize them as a medium for his work in a very different way. Launched in 2009, the Italian artist’s ongoing photo series, Silence/Shapes, features vibrant clouds of smoke in the natural environment. He creates ephemeral works of art using an arsenal of colorful smoke bombs, capturing these brief and beautiful moments in time. Minelli is currently exhibiting his Silence/Shapes photos in a solo show at the Beetles+Huxley gallery in London until September 5, 2015. … Read More

  3. The Indelible Thread Of CORDURA®: Meet The Maker Part One

    Sometimes it takes a village to build a garment. Once the seed has been planted, there are several factors that must come together in order for the initial concept to evolve into finished product. Collaboration is key and each stage of the “build” requires a different area of expertise, but it all comes back to creating lasting, timeless product. As a follow-up to last season’s collaboration with Alex Valdman to launch their Combat Wool™ line of fabrics, CORDURA® approached Michelle Rose, principal designer for Struktur Studio and co-founder of the creative conference, Struktur Event, to create a capsule called the CORDURA® + Struktur Studio Collection. The goal of this latest partnership is to highlight the softer side of durability as CORDURA® extends their Fashion / Function portfolio.

    … Read More

  4. Creative Conversations: RANGE Magazine x Christine Mitchell Adams

    RANGE Magazine is (almost) back and better than ever! Issue Three, a 40-page, full-color newsprint, will launch this summer both digitally and in print, and our team is itching to share its stories with you. This season’s mag will feature an even larger array of unique illustrations and photography than the last, thanks to several talented creatives we admire and hold dear to our hearts, one of them being Christine Mitchell Adams.

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