1. Basket Art House: A Creative Studio for Environmental Non-Profits

    As many in our nation hold their breath as the new administration takes office and awaits the possible ramifications for our environment, it’s comforting to know that there are a variety of grassroots and established non-profit organizations on the ground working to protect the Earth. What’s important now is to focus our energy on supporting those organizations and their work in any way we can, and Geoff Holstad, Apparel Graphic Designer at Patagonia and Director of the roaming creative residency Cabin-Time–see RANGE Magazine Issue Five for more information–has launched a new non-profit venture called Basket Art House to do exactly that. … Read More

  2. On Our Radar: Icebreaker X Simon Beck

    Outdoor Retailer was totes awesome as usual. I had an amazing time, connected with some of my favorite people and discovered a ton of new products that I will be posting about over the next few weeks. One of the coolest campaigns of the show was definitely the launch of Icebreaker’s new “The Art of Nature” product series, an ongoing, annual collaboration with artists who respect and work in nature, and who use objects found in nature in their work. … Read More