1. RANGE Magazine Issue Five: Far Out(doors) Foreword

    Our Summer 2016 issue is inspired by the utopian movements of the late ’60s and the alternative communities that redefined progressive culture. Utopia, a Greek word that means “an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect,” remains a destination both physical and mental, one where people seek refuge and retreat from the harsh realities of society. Right around the same time these creative communes, art collectives and environmental grassroots organizations were flourishing, the backpacking craze of the ‘60s and early ‘70s was gaining momentum. Long-haired climbers inspired by this counter-culture mentality would go on to build brands like The North Face, Sierra Designs and Dana Design, working out of their garages and kitchens in towns like Berkeley and Bozeman. … Read More

  2. Beat the Heat: Woolrich Beach Towels

    To kick off the summer season, we are teaming up with our friends at Woolrich to give away three of their super luxe beach towels for the Fourth of July. These 100% cotton beauties feature reversible eye-catching patterns, and at 40 by 70 inches, they’ll make a serious statement at your local swimming hole. The best part is Woolrich beach towels have been made to stand the test of time with durable woven selvedge edges that won’t fray or unravel. … Read More

  3. Three Rad Women to Know in Skateboarding

    In celebration of Go Skate Day 2016, we’re introducing you to three women who’ve helped shape the past, present and future of skateboarding. Each woman serves as an advocate and trailblazer in her own right, while their collective efforts play an integral role in the evolution of skate culture. By creating their own spaces, platforms and organizations, we’re inspired by the ways in which these women are changing the definition of what a skateboarder is. … Read More

  4. On Our Radar: Tight Club + the Anti-Gym Mentality

    I called my girl Keighty to see when we should meet at the club. “There’s a wait list,” she said, “but I’ll see you at 9:30.” I grabbed a cab and made my way through downtown Vancouver B.C. and over the bridge to Chinatown. Beyonce’s “Lemonade” was cued up in my headphones in true pregame fashion, and when I arrived at 261 Union Street, I was ready to go. It was 9:30 a.m. on a Tuesday morning and I was about to give this club everything I had. … Read More

  5. REI Outessa Summit Series and the Modern Outdoors Woman

    Everyone wants to go back to summer camp, right? Hiking, exploring and partying with friends in a gorgeous setting? Sign us up. Designed to address this universal desire, this summer’s REI Outessa Summit Series will bring over 1,000 women from all over the country to the pristine wilds of California and Utah, inviting all ages to experience the outdoors and celebrate sisterhood. … Read More

  6. On Our Radar: Packing It Out

    Anyone who has ever set foot in a state or national park has probably heard the mantra of “Leave No Trace.” Take only pictures, leave only footprints. Pack it in, pack it out. Although the concept is simple, we can all admittedly do a little better in its practice. Anyone looking for a little clean camp inspiration has to look no further than the team at Packing It Out. These guys are leading by example and jumpstarting our enthusiasm for environmental stewardship in the process. … Read More

  7. On Our Radar: WYLDER, the New Marketplace for the Modern Outdoors Woman

    There’s a beautiful thing happening right now in the outdoor industry, and it’s come to us in the form of She Explores, Dirtbag Darling, Trail Mavens and now a female-focused online vendor platform called WYLDER. Now more than ever, we’re seeing women create spaces that are all their own and provide a voice for the multifaceted #modernoutdoorswoman. With a fully funded Kickstarter campaign under their belt, WYLDER is the latest to join the movement with a mission to end the “pink it and shrink it” model within the outdoor market, while simultaneously building a community around ecological stewardship and conservation.  … Read More

  8. Hit List: A Gift Guide for the Modern Outdoors Mom

    Moms are just like us, and not just because you share the same cute nose and weirdly shaped feet. We get our adventurous spirit from somewhere, right? So to celebrate our spunky moms, we suggest giving her the gift of practical and stylish gear for Mother’s Day this year. Forget Hallmark cards and cut flowers. Below are six RANGE-approved pieces for your mom that just may end up in our closets, too. … Read More

  9. Creative Conversations: The Art of Metal Shaping with Lane Walkup

    In the digital-crazed age we live in today where a lot of humans are behind a computer screen over 40 hours a week, a genuine pair of working hands can be a sight for sore eyes. The dirt, burns and bandages that cover cuts and scrapes give way to stories that need to be told, and metal shaper Lane Walkup’s hands are definitely a conversation starter. To learn more about her work, RANGE met with Lane Walkup in Portland to discuss her trade. … Read More