1. REI Outessa Summit Series and the Modern Outdoors Woman

    Everyone wants to go back to summer camp, right? Hiking, exploring and partying with friends in a gorgeous setting? Sign us up. Designed to address this universal desire, this summer’s REI Outessa Summit Series will bring over 1,000 women from all over the country to the pristine wilds of California and Utah, inviting all ages to experience the outdoors and celebrate sisterhood. … Read More

  2. On Our Radar: Packing It Out

    Anyone who has ever set foot in a state or national park has probably heard the mantra of “Leave No Trace.” Take only pictures, leave only footprints. Pack it in, pack it out. Although the concept is simple, we can all admittedly do a little better in its practice. Anyone looking for a little clean camp inspiration has to look no further than the team at Packing It Out. These guys are leading by example and jumpstarting our enthusiasm for environmental stewardship in the process. … Read More

  3. On Our Radar: WYLDER, the New Marketplace for the Modern Outdoors Woman

    There’s a beautiful thing happening right now in the outdoor industry, and it’s come to us in the form of She Explores, Dirtbag Darling, Trail Mavens and now a female-focused online vendor platform called WYLDER. Now more than ever, we’re seeing women create spaces that are all their own and provide a voice for the multifaceted #modernoutdoorswoman. With a fully funded Kickstarter campaign under their belt, WYLDER is the latest to join the movement with a mission to end the “pink it and shrink it” model within the outdoor market, while simultaneously building a community around ecological stewardship and conservation.  … Read More

  4. Hit List: A Gift Guide for the Modern Outdoors Mom

    Moms are just like us, and not just because you share the same cute nose and weirdly shaped feet. We get our adventurous spirit from somewhere, right? So to celebrate our spunky moms, we suggest giving her the gift of practical and stylish gear for Mother’s Day this year. Forget Hallmark cards and cut flowers. Below are six RANGE-approved pieces for your mom that just may end up in our closets, too. … Read More

  5. Creative Conversations: The Art of Metal Shaping with Lane Walkup

    In the digital-crazed age we live in today where a lot of humans are behind a computer screen over 40 hours a week, a genuine pair of working hands can be a sight for sore eyes. The dirt, burns and bandages that cover cuts and scrapes give way to stories that need to be told, and metal shaper Lane Walkup’s hands are definitely a conversation starter. To learn more about her work, RANGE met with Lane Walkup in Portland to discuss her trade. … Read More

  6. Martina Brimmer of Swift Industries Reflects on Collaborating with CORDURA® and Struktur

    Martina Brimmer is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Swift Industries, a Seattle-based pannier and bag company that she describes as “an ode to adventure cycling.” Her small, yet mighty team of six employees is on a mission to get people to discover the world by bicycle, and provides them with exceptional bags for their cycling adventures. Martina recently teamed up with the creative conference Struktur Event and CORDURA® brand to create a collaborative bag that would be provided to all Struktur attendees. … Read More

  7. Going Green: The Rise of Sustainable Design

    Sustainability can be a tricky issue when it comes to apparel. We already know that quality usually precludes a killer deal, but how do you make sure the extra cash you’re paying is going to responsible practices all the way down the production line? How can we be sure that new jacket or T-shirt has a minimal environmental impact? Transparency in production is a tall order, for sure, but one group is trying to take the guesswork out of greening up our wardrobes. … Read More

  8. Creative Conversations: Emily Hoy x Teva

    You may have seen Emily Hoy’s excellent collage skills in RANGE Magazine Issue Four accompanying the article “Going It Alone: Finding Solace in Solitary Hiking.” Not surprisingly, we aren’t the only folks who admire her work, which also consists of jewelry, graphics and textiles. Emily has created designs for Volcom and Manhattan Beachwear, and most recently, she was recruited by Teva to be a part of their Spring ’16 Artist Series, which the brand describes as their chance to honor the creative minds bringing their products to life through design. … Read More

  9. Creative Conversations: Mixing Menswear and Mindfulness with Ticamide

    Ticamide (TEE-kə-myd) is a new American sportswear brand with a message. After his brother, Timothy, passed away in 2005 due to complications from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Maz McWilliams started The Timbo Fund with his family and friends, a nonprofit organization helping TBI patients and their families. To raise awareness for TBI, McWilliams created the #amelonaday Instagram campaign, which has inspired others to tag their photos and spread the word. The melon serves as a symbol and a visual reminder to protect your dome and be here now. McWilliams continues to give back through Ticamide, his new U.S.-made line of menswear basics and outerwear.  … Read More