1. The Montana Experience: A Story of River Surfing

    Rugged mountain ranges, vast wilderness and charming countrysides define the Montana experience, but it’s the rivers of Montana that are inspiring, quite literally, a new wave of opportunity to connect with the outdoors. Raging rapids formed from glaciers and snowmelt create a canvas. Free flowing and honest rivers invite us to be our most “wild” selves, provided we’re willing to answer the call. Enter the Montana River Surfers. … Read More

  2. Adventure Local: Woolrich’s SS17 Collection for Getting Outdoors in Your Own Backyard

    Woolrich has been making quality outdoor products and sharing its love of the outdoors with employees, partners and customers since 1830, which provides the brand with the luxury of being able to look back at its extensive archives to draw inspiration from past designs to inform its present collections. For SS17, Woolrich has revisited aspects of its ‘70s and ‘80s backpacking and hiking styles, while incorporating design cues and color stories that speak to its “Adventure Local” concept, which is about celebrating some of the most beautiful natural destinations in our backyards that are often underappreciated. … Read More

  3. On Festival Grounds

    I could feel the anticipation as I walked through camp. Headlamps flashed like show lights as festival-goers eagerly set up their quarters. I made my way through a sea of glowing tent clusters emitting the sounds of giddy chatter with the sweet and skunky smell of smoke and a booming bass line in the distance.

    … Read More

  4. Patagonia Launches Vote Our Planet: A Campaign to Protect Our Air, Water + Soil

    Patagonia has become a model outdoor industry brand, moving beyond just making apparel and gear to focus on sustainability and environmental initiatives, while inviting its customers to do their part to also make the world a better place. This week, the brand has continued its good work by launching Vote Our Planet, a major non-partisan environmental campaign that is urging Americans to vote up and down the ballot to elect officials and support referendums that will defend our planet’s air, water and soil, and protect the health and well-being of American families. … Read More

  5. Experimental Soundtrack: How Sound Affects Our Consciousness

    As co-founder of The Uplift Project, I get to experience all kinds of wellness methods from ancient techniques to the latest fitness trends. One of the most far out experiences was a sound meditation led by Alexandre Tannous. If you’ve never been to a sound meditation, it goes like this: you lay down and get super comfortable, put an eye mask on, and actively listen. Then the practitioner begins to play instruments such as Tibetan Bowls, gongs, crystal bowls and shruti box. The purpose of using these instruments is that it’s easier to hear and feel the harmonic overtones. Say what? Alexandre is unlike anyone I’ve ever met: totally fascinating and deeply knowledgeable. … Read More

  6. Free Range Art: A Creative Retreat for Artists Ready to Step Out of their Studios and into Nature

    Is it just me, or do campfire conversations and meandering wilderness walks seem to nurture creative thoughts more effectively than sitting in a studio and swiping a smart phone? Thoreau knew it when he packed up for Walden Pond, and Geoffrey Holstad and Ryan Greaves knew it when they dreamed up Cabin-Time, a roaming creative residency that takes a handful of artists and makers into the wild each year to connect with nature and each other—and produce work they’d never dream of back in their four-walled studios. … Read More

  7. Film in Distress

    I have a deep appreciation of all things destroyed, perhaps due to my clumsy nature as a child, and the inevitable brokenness of whatever I touched. I was working in an analog camera store during my senior year of college when I learned about process of distressing film. A fool for nostalgia and dreamlike states, I wanted to create these elements in my own photo work pre-production. Post-production editing started to bore me. I needed a change, a challenge. This was my sweet answer. … Read More