1. Escape + Explore: Holiday Ramble – East Bay Edition

    Over the weekend, we decided to head out on a little holiday ramble in the East Bay to scout out hiking zones close to the house. This time of year, it is all about layering, so we packed up a few of our favorite pieces from WoolrichTopo Designs and Blundstone, and hit the road. Even though the air was crisp, the sun was shining and the light was perfect. We felt particularity grateful to be outside as we reflected on the last few weeks of 2013 and looked forward towards the new year. … Read More

  2. Studio Visit with Iris Skateboards

    From his home tucked away in the hazy outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco, George Rocha takes broken skateboards and gives them a second life. Founded only a year ago, Iris skateboards has achieved cult-like status within the industry as companies, including Deluxe, FTC and NHS, regularly donate boards to his cause, offering not only a growing business for George to cultivate, but also a new school approach to taking responsibility for excessive waste within the action sports sector.

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  3. Aetherfocus – Argonaut Cycles

    AETHERfocus shines a spotlight on Argonaut Cycles in a new video series that showcases individuals and companies that inspire them. Shot and edited by Ryan Pettey, the video features Ben Farver, founder of Argonaut, outfitted in the Union Bicycle Jacket, a breathable, 3-layer soft-shell with 4-way stretch. The entire process from design-build to testing is traced, complete with a soundtrack comprised of grunts, groans and performance breathing.

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  4. Guilty Pleasures – Lucas Hugh for Hunger Games

    Even though I try to act super tough most of the time, I do have a soft spot for young adult science fiction and fantasy books. I think I developed an interest in this specific genre a few years ago when I was in a dark place and desperately seeking a departure from reality. One of my favorites is the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. When the movie adaptation of Hunger Games first came out in 2012, I did a nice little “WWKW” (What Would Katniss Wear?) post for Stylesight.com breaking down her look, dressing her in pieces from Christohper Raeburn and Cole Haan.

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  5. On Our Radar: Patagonia Announces Worn Wear

    With all the stress associated with holiday shopping and gift giving, it is no wonder people have meltdowns around this time of year. If you are like me, you may find yourself questioning (existentially, of course) why the hell we are emptying our bank accounts in the name of some higher gift-giving power? No matter what happens, every year, I find myself scrambling to buy gifts, just to buy them, as opposed to focusing on connecting with friends and family on a more spiritual level.

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