1. On Our Radar: Why We’re Thankful For The Outdoor Industry’s Anti-Black Friday

    From their ongoing commitment to their stewardship to their truly awesome return policy, REI has always been a company that keeps their customers’ value systems in mind, and this November, the outdoor co-op will make history by becoming the first major store to close its doors on the infamous Black Friday, the biggest day of the year in the retail shopping world.

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  2. Creative Conversations: How Brands Collaborate To Engage The Modern Outdoors Woman

    What does it mean to be fearless? Coined in the dictionary as “free from fear,” the term itself suggests being bold without being afraid. However, when we embark on outdoor adventures, we find that excitement and opportunity can be challenged with hesitation and doubt. Fear can be a hindering factor in achieving our goals, but what happens when we fully embrace the uncertainties of nature and new experiences is something extremely powerful. … Read More

  3. On Our Radar: How Sharing Communities are Shifting the Outdoor Landscape

    The outdoor community can feel, at times, pretty exclusive. Read any trail review near an urban hub and you’ll see at least a few posters raging about how it was so much better when it was just locals/pros/old timers that once frequented any given spot. Those in the know seem to hoard secret swimming holes, campsites and powder stashes like buried treasure. And unless you know someone who knows someone who works for the Parks Department, sussing out the details of a weekend camping trip can start to feel like a logistical nightmare. But there’s hope! An influx of new apps and sites are promising to overhaul the whole kit and caboodle. From gear traders to campsite finders to route mapping, these sites are poised to change the way we get outside. … Read More

  4. On Our Radar: Airblaster’s Famed Ninja Suit Gets a HUGE Upgrade

    Can form and function ever truly occupy the same space? If you’re looking at winter base layers, the answer would most likely be no. Cold weather adventures can be down right nasty without them, but a cursory glance at gear closets of the past will show plenty of ill-fitting, scratchy thermals and too-short, too-wide woolens. Well, Airblaster promises to find the beauty in practicality with a brand new version of the coolest, coziest onesie we’ve ever seen.

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  5. How Mountain Hardwear + Cole Haan Are Bringing Technical Innovation To The City

    We have been waiting with baited breath for months anticipating the new Mountain Hardwear and Cole Haan collaboration to hit the streets. The ZerøGrand Outerwear collection is not only an exercise in showing the kind of design chops that core outdoor brands possess, but it is also a reflection of the ever-evolving market and a need to think about the term “outdoor” on a much broader scale. Things are changing people. Cities are getting battered and bruised by shifting climate conditions. Boston broke an all-time seasonal snow record of 110.6 inches in 2015, while NYC was hit with multiple blizzards and storms that left more than a few unprepared New Yorkers stranded in their duck boots.

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  6. Creative Conversations: Free People Launches A New Lifestyle Category

    We’ve been HUGE fans of Free People’s FP Movement line since the beginning. There’s something truly distinct about how the brand takes on sweaty situations with elegant silhouettes and free-spirited design details without sacrificing technical features. FP Movement primarily focuses on apparel and accessories for low-impact activities, such as yoga and dance. However, the recent launch of FP Fit has shaken things up a bit to show off Free People’s tougher side.

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  7. On Our Radar: Nau Utilizes Vision And Design To Elevate Sustainability Practices

    Our friends at Nau are upping the ante for production standards in the outdoor and active lifestyle industries through a new sustainability-centered business model. The brand’s Fall 2015 collection of outerwear features six 650-fill down jackets created from 100% recycled goose and duck down. The apparel and its creation processes have proven to be both groundbreaking and environmentally conscious innovations, and we are especially excited about the compelling storytelling campaign for the collection’s release.  … Read More