1. The BEST Environmentally Conscious Outerwear For Spring Adventures

    The “tweener” stage. Sometimes it means you’re not quite a rebellious teenager and not really an immature child, or sometimes it’s feeling unstable, in limbo from one life decision to the next. For us, hanging out in the “tweener” stage often signifies that time of year when it’s not quite summer yet, but warmer temps have us itching to hike, paddle, cycle and get moving outside.

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  2. Creative Conversations: Vicki Turner The Sustainable Maker

    Anyone in the creative design or marketing realm knows that Instagram is one of the best tools to build your network and meet new, inspiring people. For us, this often means browsing through profiles of brand designers and artists to see who’s integrating nature into their work in the most imaginative ways. Occasionally we find product designers who are taking their brand to the next level of innovation, and sometimes we find freelance artists who skillfully merge their passions with their talents to create artwork for organizations, editorials, collectors and themselves. … Read More

  3. On Our Radar: Why Adults Should Still Go To Summer Camp

    Our daily lives in the modern, tech-focused world we live in keep our eyes glued to digital screens and our fingers methodically clicking keys filled with numbers, letters and symbols. We’re often sitting at desks while our minds wander through a list of to-dos, and sometimes it’s hard to peel ourselves away to reconnect with the things that inspire us most like nature, crafting, team sports and music.

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  4. The US is *Obsessed* With Climbing Gyms…Here’s Why

    A few years ago when I moved to New York City, I’d clip my climbing shoes to the outside of my work bag and bumble into the subway like a Sherpa. People would gawk (probably because they’d get whacked by my gear) and I’d get the occasional “What’s going on with your bag, friend?” Since then, rock climbing seems hell bent on cultural domination. On my last subway ride I spent 20 minutes waxing poetic on the intricate toe box differences between La Scarpa and 5.10 with a total stranger. It seems you can’t go anywhere in the city without bumping into another climber these days, but this wasn’t always the case.

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  5. Merino Wool Just Got *Even Better*

    Before the emergence of merino wool, the cold weather go-to had a reputation for being itchy, heavy and non-functional—not the best for working out. Over the past two decades the material has re-entered the performance market in the form of baselayers and workout silhouettes, often designed with varying fabric weights to accommodate activity needs for every season.

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