1. The Open Pass: Subaru Presents a RANGE Group Show

    Hands down, the RANGE community is one of the coolest, most creative networks out there. We are consistently blown away by our talented friends and family: the painters and photographers, the sculptors, the metal manipulators and more. When we started publishing RANGE Magazine a few years ago, we knew our medium would always be evolving, and we definitely wanted to take our ideas off the page and into real life. Typically, when we come up with a kooky idea, it ends up stashed away in the “one day” folder, which by now is filled with concepts that rarely see the light of day. So when Subaru invited us to crack open that folder of inspiration, we knew we had to go big and let them in on one of our favorites, The Open Pass, a wide-ranging group art exhibit showcasing multifaceted creatives in the outdoor industry.

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  2. So Small Town

    Having less plans means more unexpected experiences—and that’s how we like it. Making less means more has expanded into all areas of our lifestyle, including our latest family adventure at a nonprofit in central California.

    In October of last year, my husband Brian, our 7-year-old son Townes and I rolled into the Blue Sky Center in our 40-foot GMC bus to pursue a job renovating Airstreams. To our surprise, we discovered we just drove 2,000 miles for a position that didn’t actually exist. We found ourselves in a situation we hadn’t planned for in the small town of New Cuyama, CA. Luckily, we soon discovered a new community via an offer for a different job as desert fellows at the Blue Sky Center, and got to find out what it’s like to live in a food desert despite being surrounded by organic agriculture. … Read More

  3. Nipomo: In the Family – Sustainable Artisan-Made Goods

    The Nipomo brand is RANGE’s dream come true—sustainably produced and female-owned, they engage with skilled artisans to create blankets, handcrafted leather straps, visors and sandals in tribute to the color and craft of Mexico. Launched in San Diego by mother-daughter team Elizabeth and Liz Clark, Nipomo was founded through the inspiration Liz gained from watching her mother work with artisans to import pottery and mirrors from her native country. … Read More

  4. A Photographer’s Guide to Uncovering Reno Tahoe

    As I seemingly can’t stop bragging about the gorgeousness of where I call home, my PNW-based friend Victoria recently decided to visit me in Reno Tahoe. Upon arrival, Victoria and I set off on a 48-hour adventure of kayaking, eating, exploring and photographing our way through the region. She had never been before, which was perfect, as I was able to carve out her first impression to be precisely what my day-to-day life actually looks like. We stayed at my home in Truckee and went pretty much everywhere, from sipping saisons, to picnics on Tahoe boulders, to dodging bats in abandoned train tunnels. … Read More

  5. Rad Retailers: Hatchet Supply Co.

    Hatchet Supply Co. opened its doors in 2013 just when the historic neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights was undergoing major changes. Inspired by this retail opportunity and his love of the outdoors, stemming from his time as an Eagle Scout, owner and native New Yorker Gene Han created a store selling high-quality gear and lifestyle goods with the younger, more selective generation in mind. We caught up with Gene to talk about opening his shop in Brooklyn, his second Los Angeles location, curating his products, and the evolution of the outdoor industry.

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  6. Love (and Adventure!) 4 Lucas with Max Lowe

    Max Lowe is an explorer, photographer and filmmaker. As a National Geographic Adventurer with an eye for capturing subtle, yet profound beauty, he has traveled the world documenting outdoor culture and the environment. Max is one of those people that makes you want to be a better human with a smile that can light up a room and a warmth that emanates from his core. When you surround yourself with good people, great things tend to happen, so we asked Max if he would become an ambassador for the Love (and Adventure!) 4 Lucas project and carry the Lucas Flag along on his next expedition. The Love (and Adventure) 4 Lucas project was created to spread awareness for DIPG, a rare form of terminal cancer that our little buddy Lucas Harashima is battling like a champ. … Read More

  7. CORDURA x Carhartt: Heritage Meets Innovation

    As CORDURA® brand celebrates its 50th Anniversary and Carhartt rings in 128 years manufacturing American-made workwear, we take a moment to reflect on the durable bonds binding the two brands together. Since Hamilton Carhartt founded Carhartt in Detroit in 1889, the headquarters has only moved 10 miles, a location from which members of the family still run the company and the apparel is designed. Over the past 15 years, the Carhartt facilities in Kentucky and Tennessee have made more than 80 million garments and accessories, positioning the brand as a leader in stateside production of rugged workwear. … Read More

  8. Why Jungmaven Wants Everyone in Hemp by 2020

    Rob Jungmann’s company, Jungmaven, is not your ordinary T-shirt brand. His mission goes much deeper than outfitting the general public in Made in the USA products. Rob, an environmentalist and a leader in the hemp movement since the early ’90s, wants everyone in hemp by 2020. Rob and I live in the same neighborhood in eastern Los Angeles, and instead of bumping into each other while running around the lake, buying cookies at the local grocery store, or listening to a Sunday afternoon country music concert, we made real plans to sit down and talk about the benefits of a very controversial plant. … Read More