1. HOCK Luxury Fitness Equipment

    Following suit with the rise of luxury activewear, German brand HOCK is elevating the look of fitness equipment. Designed in a pure and simple aesthetic, the items more closely resemble art sculptures from the likes of Brancusi instead of free weights or a jump rope. Featuring unique shapes and stunning proportions, the collection includes a leather jump rope, stretching band, pushup bars and cardio weights,and both a single pair or an entire set of dumbbells.

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  2. Callens Luxury Activewear

    The customer who is purchasing designer clothing wants to feel the same quality and luxury in her activewear as she does in her cashmere sweaters and designer dresses. Here to bridge the gap is Callens, a luxury activewear company out of Italy. The brand is the brain-child of Clare-Ann Stroll, who brings her knowledge of fitness to the table, and is designed by Paul Helbers, who previously worked for the likes of Louis Vuitton Men’s and Maison Martin Margiela. Together, they understand this niche in the luxury market.

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  3. On Our Radar: Woolrich x Almond Surfboards “Wax and Wool”

    The new WoolrichAlmond Surfboards “Wax and Wool” collab manages to do something truly distinctive: mesh iconic outdoor aesthetics with West Coast beach vibes. It’s often difficult to find this sort of special blend and working harmony in products, so to paint the picture of the delicate sentiment this collection captures, I’m going to take you to the Oregon Coast.

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  4. Levi’s Made & Crafted Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

    Levi’s® has put a progressive spin on their Made & Crafted™ collection with pieces inspired by street art, or really the before and after periods, emulating the blank canvas of wall on which they create their work and the after effects that those who are anti-graffiti create when they remove the art, leaving a whitewashed surface behind. A light color palette dominates the primarily slim-cut collection that uses the brand’s iconic styles as a foundation, which features classic pieces like the Slim Chino in two washed out colorways, the moto-inspired Off Road Leather Jacket, and the ecru-colored denim Sleeveless Trucker Jacket with a tan leather collar accent.

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  5. On Our Radar: Coalition Snow Kickstarter Expansion

    We first met Jen Gurecki, CEO of Coalition Snow, at Outdoor SF, a super fun gathering put on by GoodPeople for San Francisco-based outdoor brands. Chatting with her about Coalition Snow’s mission to produce ski and snowboard gear designed by women, for women really resonated with the feature article we were developing for RANGE Magazine Issue Two, titled “The Modern Outdoors Woman.” So, we decided to get her opinion on which brands are doing it “right” when it comes to women’s outdoor apparel and hard goods. Her answer was this: … Read More

  6. The Free Life of Alex Honnold

    The best part about the active and outdoor industries is the enthusiasts who help shape and grow the market through their own everyday practices. Alex Honnold is one of those enthusiasts, and beyond that, he’s molded a career as an elite climber. Having just become the first person to free-solo El Sendero Luminoso, Honnold is the greatest free-soloist on Earth. He climbs alone with no ropes, setting records that take others many years and lots of equipment to conquer.

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  7. Through the Lens: Nick Joseph for Sneeze Magazine

    We sat down with our main man Nick Joseph to talk shop about his new ad in SNEEZE Magazine for the New Balance MADE IN USA collection. We met Nick years ago on a press trip to Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and we bonded while watching an episode of COPS on tiny bus TV en route to the airport. His unintentional, off-beat sense of humor and never-ending arsenal of inside joke-specific Youtube videos, combined with his knowledge of obscure wrestlers and love of cured meats makes us feel like we are trapped in an unwritten episode of a bad sitcom — and we absolutely love every second of it. … Read More

  8. On Our Radar: Wellness and Fitness at SXSW

    There’s no doubt, SXSW is the place to be right now, and wellness companies are also getting in on the action. Highlighting the ever-growing market of tech in the health, wellness and fitness arenas, companies are creating cool experiences for attendees, as well as capitalizing on the gathering by doing customer experiments and polls. Below are some of the standouts from the wellness world at South By:

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