Work In Progress: Range Mag Issue 10

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RANGE Magazine is a biannual print publication dedicated to the outdoor, active and lifestyle markets. We provide content that ignites discussion of design, style, trend and industry movement, and we love unique stories that bring something new and fresh to the table. While the submission period for the print version of RANGE Magazine Issue 10 is now closed, we are still accepting submissions for the digital version. We are always excited to accept unsolicited submissions from writers, photographers, artists and brand creatives, and have outlined the guidelines for doing so below.

Our Winter 2019 issue is dedicated to progression.

As we put the finishing touches on Issue 10 of RANGE Magazine, we’re compelled to consider the definition of progress. Depending on who you ask, this subjective word can yield a wide range of very personal interpretations. Progress means moving forward toward a destination, or charting a course and making headway. But how can we be sure we’re making the right kind of progress, and whose standards define “right”? In Issue 10, we’ve tapped into our network of established and emerging voices to get to the root of these universal questions.

When we talk about progress in relation to product or materials, we’re traditionally referring to innovation and performance. Is it lighter, faster or stronger? Is it solving a problem? Is it made well and crafted with intention? But in 2019, we’re wondering if progress would be better defined as facing fears and breaking down barriers. And if so, who is responsible for making this type of progress, and how can we empower them to charge harder to push back against the status quo?

In numerology, the number 10 represents independence and unlimited potential. For the whole team at RANGE, our tenth issue is a testament to both via our community of self-determined, creative contributors driven by the urge to explore their place in the world.

Ultimately, the universe rewards those courageous enough to be vulnerable and open to different points of view. We’re engaged in daily global and national debates about what it means to be progressive. Regardless if you lean to the left or the right during those conversations, questioning the very definition of progress forces us to dig a little deeper and examine our own personal positions. Issue 10 is about building bridges between the past and the present. It’s about recognizing the spirit of those scrappy rebels who paved a path for us to become the global, progressive force we are today.

Every one of us is a work in progress, whether you’re just joining the conversation, developing the next must-have technology, building a brand or influencing a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts. You’re moving the needle and inspiring others to follow in your footsteps. Issue 10 gives us the opportunity to openly share stories about our struggles, our successes, our failures and our challenges because they bring us one step closer to our collective goals.

To making progress.

XX Jeanine Pesce, Editorial Director

RANGE Magazine Issue Ten coming January 30, 2019.

Cover art by Maddy Minnis.

**While our print magazine is on stands soon, we’re still accepting submissions for the digital issue of RANGE Mag Issue 10**

Topics we’re interested in!

  • The Environment –  Ecology, stewardship and conservation, environmental activism.
  • Self – Our personal relationship with progress, inclusivity and breaking barriers.
  • Apparel, Gear + Materials – New approaches to product (all categories), fit, innovation, ethical manufacturing, transparency and supply chain standards.
  • Leaders – The next generation of big-thinkers influencing the industry.

If you would like to submit an idea to RANGE Magazine, please read the following:

  1. All submissions must be original.
  2. We cannot guarantee placement, but we promise to read through all submitted work. Our team is mighty, but small, so unfortunately, we cannot respond to all pitches. If we decide to move forward with your submission for the digital version of RANGE Mag, we will let you know within two to three weeks.
  3. Photography and Art Submissions – Please email with the following:
  • A short bio, your work and why you are interested in contributing to RANGE Magazine. If your work has been previously published, please let us know by which outlet.
  • If you have a particular story to pitch, please submit a brief outline of your idea.
  • Please provide links or attachments to work samples.
  • All stories MUST be accompanied by images or illustrations. If you do not have artwork to accompany the piece, this must be noted with submission.
  • All written content submissions must be unpublished elsewhere.

4. For Advertising + Branded Content Inquiries – Please email to discuss packages.