Three Rad Women to Know in Skateboarding

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In celebration of Go Skate Day, we’re introducing you to three women who’ve helped shape the past, present and future of skateboarding. Each woman serves as an advocate and trailblazer in her own right, while their collective efforts play an integral role in the evolution of skate culture. By creating their own spaces, platforms and organizations, we’re inspired by the ways in which these women are changing the definition of what a skateboarder is.

In turn, we see the same women progressing the sport of skateboarding and challenging what is still a male-dominated industry. How these ladies find the time to shred in between all of their hard work is beyond us, but we could not be more stoked to celebrate them and the spirit they bring to the skate world. Today, not only are we celebrating Go Skate Day, but also Kim Woozy, Cindy Whitehead and Kristin Ebeling, three amazing ladies in skateboarding.

Kim Woozy // MAHFIA

Coining the hashtag #killinitsoftly, Kim Woozy does just that as founder of MAHFIA, a video production company and web TV channel that’s been representing women in the media of action sports for almost a decade. Combining her love of culture and technology, Woozy steps outside the box of traditional media to inspire women from around the world to pick up skateboards. With a global reach, MAHFIA creates content for and by the authentic women of action sports. It’s because of Woozy and MAHFIA that we are working towards a larger and more diverse skate community.

Cindy Whitehead // GN4LW

Recently inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame, Cindy Whitehead is no stranger to making sports history. Cindy began a career as a pro-vert skateboarder in the ‘70s and to this day is still the only female to be featured as a two-page centerfold in Wild World of Skateboarding, a skate mag that started in the late ‘70s. She’s also known for hopping on her board and riding down the closed 405 freeway in Los Angeles during Carmageddon. In 2013, Cindy created Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word (GN4LW), a brand that projects the female empowerment that skateboarding brings to girls and women alike. By partnering with leading industry companies like Duster, GN4LW creates skateboards and gear designed specifically for women. With over 30 years in the industry, Cindy continues to have a leading role in the fight for equality in skateboarding.

Kristin Ebeling // SLAG

If you skate in the Pacific Northwest, you’ve probably heard of Skate Like a Girl and Kristin Ebeling, but if this is the first time you’re hearing her name, you’re welcome. As a professional skateboarder and Director of Skate Like a Girl’s Seattle Chapter, Kristin has a long history of building community among riders. On any given day, you can find Kristin teaching kids to skate, producing skate events, and helping to build local skateparks. By hosting free or low costs skate lessons for youth in underserved communities, Kristin and Skate Like a Girl are bridging the gap with skateboarding accessibility. Through coed courses, Skate Like a Girl provides an opportunity for both girls and boys to benefit from the sport of skateboarding while taking gender out of the equation.

Shout out to the Kim, Cindy and Kristin, as well as those who continue to break barriers and progress the sport and culture of skateboarding. Today, as we grab our decks and celebrate this year’s international skate holiday, we’ll be thinking of you. Happy Go Skate Day, everyone!

Images courtesy of Steven Knoop, Nam-Chi Van, Sima Safavi-Bayat, Ian Logan, Brad Bowman, Bruce Hazelton, Marshall Reid and Ian Kose.

xx Lisa

Lisa Dougherty is a NY native who now calls the PNW home. She enjoys crowd surfing, art, long drives, content creation and writing for RANGE.