Radical By Design: The PrimeTech Stove Set That Won’t Weigh You Down

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Just because you’ve been hiking all day, shouldn’t mean you can’t have a delicious, hot meal once you set up camp. The PrimeTech Stove Set is a perfect example of why we love Swedish stove manufacturer Primus here at RANGE. There’s no need sacrifice your culinary prowess when you have this compact and lightweight full-featured cook system in your pack.

Available in 1.3L and 2.3L sizes, each part of the PrimeTech Stove Set is designed to nest securely so you won’t sound like a percussion section with every step you take. The stove set features two different pots, including a hard anodized aluminum scratch-resistant pot and a PrimeTech hard anodized pot with ceramic nonstick coating, as well as a multitasking lid that doubles as an integrated colander and a detachable and lockable pot gripper.

The PrimeTech Stove Set also includes a windscreen with an integrated heat exchanger, allowing you to use half as much fuel as you would with a conventional stove, and its regulated burner provides consistent power output to improve performance in cold weather or when the gas canister is low. And if you want to keep your outdoor meal warm, Primus also offers an insulated bag with the set.

As an added bonus, Primus has even put together a time-lapse cooking video featuring a simple pasta with chicken and veggies recipe that you view below and then try out in your very own PrimeTech Stove Set this spring. How thoughtful!

Pick up your own PrimeTech Stove Set now from Primus’s website.

Image courtesy of Primus.

xx Alex