Pencil + Paper: Shelby Ling x RANGE Magazine

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RANGE Magazine Issue Two goes live next week on January 21, and will feature artwork from several talented creative spirits, including Shelby Ling. Shelby Ling is a 24-year-old illustrator from Leucadia, CA who specializes in hands-on art, using ink, brushes, screens and squeegees, as well as projects in the digital realm that utilize graphic design programs.

Her work, including the drawings featured in Issue Two, often incorporates soft, organic watercolor figures inspired by nature. We caught up with Shelby to learn more about her style and artistic interests as we look forward to sharing her work with all of you in the Winter 2015 edition of RANGE Magazine.

Q. How would you describe your illustration style? What subjects are you most inspired by?

A. I would say I have a kind of a cartoony illustrative style. I love using watercolor and ink because I’ve always been a fan of line variation and the way ink lies on paper.

I am pretty inspired by people, plants and collections. I love I SPY books and drawing lots of little things. I really enjoy hiding shapes, items and patterns in my work. It’s like a scavenger hunt!

Q. How did you get into illustration and design? Where did you study?

A. I have always drawn comics and silly drawings since I was a kid. In high school, I got into graffiti and comics exclusively, and had an incredible teacher, Jeremy Wright, who was a master of creativity ADD and introduced all of us art kids to several different mediums. Then, out of high school, I did community college and studied under designer and illustrator John Antoski in a graphic design internship, where I learned more about digital design and layout development. Now, I’m finishing my degree in furniture design at San Diego State University. Furniture is so fun, involved, complex and sometimes dangerous, but I love the challenge and opportunity to expand my knowledge and skill set.

Q. If you had to pick a second favorite art form, what would it be?

A. Sewing and textile work. Knitting, dye work and apparel pattern making are some of my favorite things. I love the technical processes and being able to utilize my love of math, chemistry and design in order to make functional objects. I think functionality and applicability is so important in art, which is why I am currently studying furniture and textiles in school. It’s incredibly empowering.

Q. How do you get creative outdoors? Do you find art in any particular activities?

A. I am a surfer, runner and practitioner of yoga. I spend most of my days outside being active with my son or by myself. I think art is just a byproduct of being able to play and experience the outdoors. The joy I get from playing outside comes through in my art, and I’m able to share the way I view the world with others. Art is everywhere, running in the rain under trees, passing the cactus collection on the 101, and surfing over clear, blue-green water. It’s all inspiration.

Q. Why did you decide to contribute to RANGE Magazine? What about the publication interests you?

A. I love any opportunity to work with new people on new projects. RANGE Magazine is representative of my active, outdoorsy lifestyle and the content is on point. I’ve very excited to be a part of it!

Images by Shelby Ling.