Art directed for the second time by Jonathan Cammisa, Issue Four investigates these natural bonds through distinct photography, illustration, collage and outdoor installations, as well as a balanced variety of both free-spirited and profound storytelling. Readers will find that these 40 pages reveal one-of-a-kind tales of solitude, family, collaboration, love and loss, but this exclusive issue of RANGE Magazine also connects the dots for those interested in how these experiences shape the outdoor industry in terms of retail, event production, marketing and design.

RANGE enlisted a top-notch crew of creative contributors to produce this special edition of the magazine, including cover shot photographer Clayton Cotterell. Clayton is based in Portland, Oregon and while he works for a variety of active lifestyle clients, such as Nike, adidas, Poler and Snow Peak, the photo featured on the cover of Issue Four illustrates the delicate nature of sea ice in Alaska.

RANGE also partnered with Jordana Longo and Kristen Cleary of Coast By Coast, a traveling pop-up shop inspired by the nomadic lifestyle and curated through a swim, surf and outdoor lens. For Issue Four, this dynamic duo shares stories from their fall 2015 tour across the country in their customized 1972 Volkswagen bus boutique.

Additionally, the upcoming issue will feature artwork from photographers Bobby Whigham, Molly Steele and Zach Allia, illustrations and artwork by David Buckley Borden, Marcus James and Emily Hoy, as well as words by Hilary Oliver of The Gription, ecologist Charles Post, Graham Hiemstra of Field Mag, and several other talented writers.

Sponsorship + Stockists

RANGE Magazine Issue Four was made possible by title sponsor CORDURA®, as well as several other active lifestyle brand sponsors, including Poler Outdoor Stuff, Toad & Co. and Struktur Event. Issue Four will only be available in a limited-run capacity, with small stacks of free newsprints available at Westerlind, Topo Designs, Snow Peak and additional retailers. Retailers who wish to purchase a stack of magazines for their space may do so by emailing