Flexibility + Inspiration: Five Tips For Starting A Successful Brand

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No one knows the importance and power of a strong visual narrative to build a compelling brand story more than Mountain Standard’s former Digital Content Director and Founder of Great Escape Media Brennah Rosenthal.

While developing her career, Rosenthal has channelled her passion for outdoor adventure and photography into a value-driven career path spanning editorial, retail and product that cultivates a holistic approach to marketing, social media and branding.

Based out of Boulder, Mountain Standard is a digitally native direct-to-consumer brand created by outdoor product design agency Sid Factor. Robust, solid, classic and ageless basics make Mountain Standard a go-to outdoor brand for people looking for quality clothing and products that will stand the test of time. The brand lives and breathes their slogan “Standards for Mountain Living” and celebrates all things MST. Their RIMBY (Right In My Backyard) campaign inspires everyday adventures and encourages everyone to explore the epic adventures that lay “right in your own backyard.” Make sure to check out their newly opened flagship store in Boulder.

Rosenthal shares her five tips for launching a successful start-up:

1. Be flexible and embrace change

There’s a big flip in retail in the outdoor industry. Within the year we first started Mountain Standard, Sports Authority closed and went bankrupt. Our whole brand is based off the premise that retail is changing rapidly. It’s so important to be able to try a bunch of things and admit when it’s wrong and adjust accordingly, even at the snap of a finger.

2. Listen to your customers

Paying attention to analytics on social media and observing what content is resonating with your customers is super valuable because the team might love some pictures, but they may not connect with other people. It’s important to be able to adjust your message based off those responses. It really makes a difference.

3. Nail that story

Social media is critical when telling the brand story. Nailing that story and getting the right vibe out through Instagram, Facebook and video is really important for a new brand.

4. Inspire a lifestyle

Tap into the lifestyle ambitions of your consumers and focus more on experiences rather than products.

5. Don’t take anything too seriously

You’ve gotta have some fun, too!

Images by Seth Langbauer.

xx Aarika Hernandez

This article was originally published in RANGE Magazine Issue Eight.