Wildfang: The Modern Wild Feminist

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American suffragettes began fighting for women’s voting rights in the mid-1900s, but we can thank the second-wave and ecofeminist movements that arrived a century later for broadening the equality debate to include sexuality, the workplace, reproductive rights and environmental issues. Flash forward to 2016 and we find ourselves still fighting. But with the gifts and lessons passed down from history, we hear the voice of our sisters ringing louder and stronger than ever before.

Defying gender norms with her progressive tomboy style, the Modern Wild Feminist is politically charged and known for wearing her beliefs on her sleeve. A boss from 9 to 5 and a freak of nature on the weekends, she breaks down the labels and stereotypes set out to define her. She explores the unknown, creating new platforms and changing industry standards for both women and sustainability. Individually, she is creative in the ways she fights for equality: art, activism and music. Collectively, the Modern Wild Feminists come together to form a pack, and their voice is louder than ever before.

The Modern Wild Feminist rises.

This article was originally published in RANGE Magazine Issue Five.

xx Lisa

Images by Jules Davies.