1. Wild in Wellness: Alison Wu and Her RANGE-Inspired Smoothie

    Let me ask you a few of questions. What have you eaten today? How much water have you had? No, La Croix doesn’t count. How long have you been sitting at your desk? What are your plans to get active after work? If you’re anything like me, it’s already 2:00 p.m. and you’ve had about two cups of coffee, a fried egg on toast for breakfast, and snacked on a carrot and yogurt, which inevitably turns into your lunch. You’ve managed to drink at least two glasses of water, despite it being the middle of the day, and the only walk you’ve taken so far was to get to your studio about five hours ago. … Read More

  2. Forest Bathing and Yoga Surfing?! Why The Great Outdoors is Your Ticket to a Happy and Healthy Life

    We’ve always known that there’s something special about taking a dip in a crisp, cool river tucked away in the woods right after a long day trekking the trails, but now there’s a name for it: FOREST BATHING. That’s right. Forest bathing, similar to the Japanese tradition known as “Shinrin-yoku,” is now an official wellness practice that people look to for restorative healing.

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  3. On Our Radar: Wellness and Fitness at SXSW

    There’s no doubt, SXSW is the place to be right now, and wellness companies are also getting in on the action. Highlighting the ever-growing market of tech in the health, wellness and fitness arenas, companies are creating cool experiences for attendees, as well as capitalizing on the gathering by doing customer experiments and polls. Below are some of the standouts from the wellness world at South By:

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  4. On Our Radar: Well Aware

    Watching the popularity of fitness, health and wellness grow is undoubtedly exciting. That growth is driving the creation of unique business ideas such as hybrid workout classes, social and give-back models, and farm to table restaurant menus. The list goes on and on.

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