1. Blue Bear Outside x RANGE

    Walking sticks have been around since the year of the flood. In ancient Egypt, a stick or staff was seen as a prized possession, buried alongside its owner to protect their travels in the afterlife. Often used as weapons, they also symbolized wealth and status for powerful men, carved with elaborate patterns and adorned with jewels and gems. Genealogy sticks told stories about families, passed down from generation to generation with burnt markings, colored oils and intricate carvings. Hiking sticks, comparably simple in form, have played a role in the ascent and descent of primitive hikers since the beginning of time. … Read More

  2. FORM Arcosanti

    Imagined by the Italian-American architect Paolo Soleri, the experimental city of Arcosanti rests in Arizona’s high desert about an hour north of Phoenix. Since 1970, this unique community has been a work in progress, an “urban laboratory” modeled from concepts of Arcology, the fusion of architecture and ecology. … Read More