1. Under The Volcano: Our Seven Days in Iceland

    On August 20, 2014, the international scientific community issued a warning that Iceland’s Bárðarbunga volcano was most certainly going to erupt. I read the news while sitting at my kitchen table in Brooklyn, surfing the web as I finished breakfast and prepared to pack for an overnight flight to Reykjavik. The news of an impending eruption was so distressing that I panicked. I immediately ran into my bedroom, stripped down to my underwear, and lay on the floor, trying to breath normally. … Read More

  2. Leave No Trace: The Art of David Buckley Borden

    If you’re riding down a bike path in Teton County, you may come across one of David Buckley Borden’s site-specific installations, and if you’re interested in taking it with you, he’s totally cool with that. These ephemeral works are part of the artist’s larger Greater Yellowstone exhibit in Jackson, Wyoming, which explores the iconic national park’s ecosystem and the people who interact with, value and protect it. … Read More

  3. Creative Conversations: RANGE Leisure Expert Rachel Mae Furman

    Range Magazine Issue Four will be live soon and its limited-edition pages will feature artists, influencers and writers with a love of the natural world and a passion for sharing it. One of these creative souls is the unstoppable Rachel Mae Furman, a genius cocktail creator and stylist, as well as the driving force behind Smoke + Honey, a lifestyle blog and creative agency dedicated to the art of leisure. … Read More