1. CORDURA® Tough

    Built for the long haul, CORDURA® brand fabric technology supports products that were made to last. CORDURA® durability doesn’t compromise. It resists tears and abrasions. It takes on the extremes and endures.

    Specializing in the thrash and slash of everyday adventures, CORDURA® brand customers are the epitome of #CORDURATOUGH. … Read More

  2. RANGE Magazine Issue Five: Far Out(doors) Foreword

    Our Summer 2016 issue is inspired by the utopian movements of the late ’60s and the alternative communities that redefined progressive culture. Utopia, a Greek word that means “an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect,” remains a destination both physical and mental, one where people seek refuge and retreat from the harsh realities of society. Right around the same time these creative communes, art collectives and environmental grassroots organizations were flourishing, the backpacking craze of the ‘60s and early ‘70s was gaining momentum. Long-haired climbers inspired by this counter-culture mentality would go on to build brands like The North Face, Sierra Designs and Dana Design, working out of their garages and kitchens in towns like Berkeley and Bozeman. … Read More

  3. The Delicate Art of Pushing: The Grit and Grace it Takes to Adventure with Your S.O.

    “This is it,” I told myself, traversing a granite ledge, scrambling up a grassy corner and onto the next ledge, nearing the top of the pass. “We’ll pop out at the top of a beautiful alpine lake, pitch the tent, and be done for the day.” I couldn’t remember feeling this way before, the hollow, almost fluttery feeling across my chest as I pushed the pace through the day’s 11th hour. Sure, I’d brought myself to what I thought was the limit before, running the 800-meter in high school, 5Ks in college, half marathons in my 20s. But this was completely different, and I didn’t know how much farther I could go. … Read More