1. New Hues: Plant Dyes, A Modern Field Guide

    When I tell people I dye fabric with plants, they immediately paint me as a some sort of bohemian earth mama. In reality, I‘m more of a type-A workaholic with a love for plants. This perception has more to do with what people have heard about “natural dyes” than first-hand knowledge. Indigo is the only plant dye that’s become a part of mainstream culture, but it’s quickly paving the way for others. … Read More

  2. Designers on Holiday

    This summer, 20 or so creatives will assemble on the Swedish island of Gotland for two weeks and with one goal: to make.

    It will be the third running of Designers on Holiday, a summer camp of sorts created by Tom Gottelier and Bobby Petersen, the duo behind London-based design firm Featuring-Featuring. This year, a new set of campers will add to the creations already scattered about the grounds—a wood burning sauna, a limestone hot tub, a 14-foot sailboat. … Read More

  3. Wild Visions + Utopian Spaces: Alternative Dwellings in the American West

    Airbnb’s most eye-opening quality might be its ability to let people discover unusual spaces. Beyond traditional apartments, users can book stays in yurts, geodesic domes, castles, caves, clock towers and the occasional converted school bus. If you’re searching for lodging in the Pacific Northwest, you’re likely to come across a listing for The Stump House. Nestled by a placid pond in Washington, The Stump House, a hexagonal wooden structure built around a tree, is the design of 64-year-old SunRay Kelley. An accomplished builder with over 50 unconventional structures across the country, SunRay calls the nine-acre homestead that includes The Stump House his “magical forest retreat,” offering guest access to a trout pond, sauna, composting toilet and two-story treehouse, all sheltered by towering cedar and fir trees. … Read More

  4. Ride with Ringtail: CORDURA® x Ringtail

    CORDURA® knows a thing or two about making durable fabrics that last, but did you know they also specialize in ultralight, water-resistant fabrics? They recently teamed up with Los Angeles-based cycling apparel company, Ringtail, to create a collaborative, tie-dye windbreaker sure to turn heads on any ride. We talked to the Ringtail founders to learn more about their creative process, and how they kicked off the collaboration with CORDURA®, which launches Fall ‘16. … Read More

  5. Wildfang: The Modern Wild Feminist

    American suffragettes began fighting for women’s voting rights in the mid-1900s, but we can thank the second-wave and ecofeminist movements that arrived a century later for broadening the equality debate to include sexuality, the workplace, reproductive rights and environmental issues. Flash forward to 2016 and we find ourselves still fighting. But with the gifts and lessons passed down from history, we hear the voice of our sisters ringing louder and stronger than ever before. … Read More

  6. The Montana Experience: A Story of River Surfing

    Rugged mountain ranges, vast wilderness and charming countrysides define the Montana experience, but it’s the rivers of Montana that are inspiring, quite literally, a new wave of opportunity to connect with the outdoors. Raging rapids formed from glaciers and snowmelt create a canvas. Free flowing and honest rivers invite us to be our most “wild” selves, provided we’re willing to answer the call. Enter the Montana River Surfers. … Read More

  7. Adventure Local: Woolrich’s SS17 Collection for Getting Outdoors in Your Own Backyard

    Woolrich has been making quality outdoor products and sharing its love of the outdoors with employees, partners and customers since 1830, which provides the brand with the luxury of being able to look back at its extensive archives to draw inspiration from past designs to inform its present collections. For SS17, Woolrich has revisited aspects of its ‘70s and ‘80s backpacking and hiking styles, while incorporating design cues and color stories that speak to its “Adventure Local” concept, which is about celebrating some of the most beautiful natural destinations in our backyards that are often underappreciated. … Read More