1. The Open Pass: Cross-Country Collaboration

    For the final stop of our “Artist’s Journey” series with Subaru, we made our way to the studio of Los Angeles-based photographer Mikael Kennedy. Writer/musician Jeff Thrope joined to talk friendship, road tripping and the American landscape. Mikael and Jeff have been creative comrades for over a decade and their initial “meet up” for a beer in Brooklyn evolved into a collaborative relationship spanning multiple area codes and major personal milestones. … Read More

  2. RANGE Magazine: Half My Heart Condor

    First off, if you haven’t read through RANGE Magazine Issue Two yet, you can find the full issue on our site, and we won’t blame you if you flip directly to the final story to begin. The latest edition of the mag ends with a beautifully composed trail tale titled “Half My Heart Condor,” written by Jeff Thrope, the knowledgeable founder of Cold Splinters, and illustrated by Obi KaufmannJuniper Ridge intrinsic storyteller and California painter.

    … Read More