1. The Open Pass: Cross-Country Collaboration

    For the final stop of our “Artist’s Journey” series with Subaru, we made our way to the studio of Los Angeles-based photographer Mikael Kennedy. Writer/musician Jeff Thrope joined to talk friendship, road tripping and the American landscape. Mikael and Jeff have been creative comrades for over a decade and their initial “meet up” for a beer in Brooklyn evolved into a collaborative relationship spanning multiple area codes and major personal milestones. … Read More

  2. Jay Nelson: All Roads Lead Back to the Bay

    Jay Nelson is a dude’s dude. With an Instagram account that won’t quit, he is best known for his whimsical campers and elaborate treehouses all made from repurposed wood, a natural material he has been drawn to since childhood. He is reluctant to call himself an “artist” by traditional standards, preferring terms like surfer, painter, father, doodler, husband, fort builder and cave dweller to describe his process as a creative. … Read More

  3. The Open Pass: The Artist’s Journey Featuring Heather Day

    We don’t always know where the Open Pass will take us, but the unknown is at the heart of any adventure. A few weeks ago, we found ourselves in the Bay Area on a mission to meet a Subaru owner artist, Heather Day. What we loved most about talking with Heather is her intrinsic connection to her work. “Pushing and pulling paint around a canvas can often get very physical, which I like,” she explained. Painting from life, she treats each piece like a living organism. She takes what she learns from one canvas and applies it to the next, adding pigments, textures, and layers as she goes throughout her day.   … Read More

  4. Art Basel 2016 Features Both Dark and Whimsical Works in Miami

    For the 15th year, art world cognoscenti, collectors and hangers-on descended on Miami’s South Beach for Art Basel, the largest and most high profile U.S. art fair. Nearly 270 galleries were on hand to display works from some of today’s most significant modern and contemporary artists, as well as emerging art stars. Aside from the high-spirited big ring of the Miami Convention Center, several satellite fairs have spun off of Basel, including NADA, Scope and Faena—not to mention site-specific art and nightlife spectacles from the Juxtapoz Clubhouse to a Madonna benefit concert with tickets starting at $5,000. The RANGE team was on-hand to check out the art, get some sun, and as always, seek, spread and distill the cultural stories and visual inspo circulating through fine art’s big event. … Read More

  5. Cut Feather Artwork by Chris Maynard

    We are loving the delicate artwork of Chris Maynard, who achieves intricate detail in his work by using a small scalpel, tiny eye surgery scissors, forceps, and magnifying glasses to dissect tiny cutouts from feathers. Maynard has been a feather enthusiast since he was 12-years-old, creating his artwork since that time, but only recently showing it professionally to the public, starting a few years ago.

    … Read More

  6. Lolë White Tour

    Women’s activewear brand Lolë created the Lolë White Tour to emphasize the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle, and to promote community WELLNESS THROUGH YOGA. Throughout the 2014 tour, Lolë has brought thousands of yogis together in Barcelona, Montreal, New York City, Toronto, and most recently, the Parrish Art Museum in the Hamptons last week.

    … Read More

  7. On Our Radar: Cecilia Camera Straps

    Having plowed through my fair share of camera straps–and cameras for that matter–starting at the age of sixteen, a decade of poorly made leathers attached to the metal findings of my cameras have made me doubtful of these necessary evils. That is, until Cecilia Gallery. Cecilia camera straps are nice. They are really nice. They are so nice, it’s hard to even use them.

    … Read More

  8. On Our Radar: Swoon’s Submerged Motherlands

    One of the first times I can remember happening upon a Swoon piece was back in the mid-2000s when I lived near where the massive Barclays Center is now. I was heading down my street to go to work and on the side of an out-of-business tile store was one of her wheatpastes. The adhered life-sized figure sketch was a magical find, and for months and years after that, I would find new Swoon pieces up on that wall. Someone even wished one of them a happy one-year birthday after it had been there for so long, perhaps Swoon herself.

    … Read More

  9. Pencil + Paper: Lucy Engelman

    We discovered the work of Michigan-based illustrator, Lucy Engelman, a few years ago through Cabin Time and visit her site regularly to get inspired. Cabin Time is a roaming creative residency, which hosts artists in intentionally remote locations throughout the country. Once they arrive, the artists begin a week-long workshop where they can create convivial projects in a variety of mediums including photography, painting, writing, film making, and illustration.

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