1. New American Quilts: Artist Carson Davis Brown’s Homage to Corporate Consumption

    Inspired by the tradition of American quilting and the performative technique of détournement, New American Quilts (NAQ) is an ongoing site-specific installation and photographic project by Carson Davis Brown, partially supported through a VSCO Artist Initiative grant. “Simulating branded edifice and the promise of abundance,” Brown creates quilt patterns in the most ubiquitous of big box stores by meticulously stacking, organizing and repositioning everyday items like detergent, sponges and dish towels. He then photographs the ornate displays and prints the images at Walmart’s photo department, using these captured moments to inform the motifs woven into each blanket. … Read More

  2. Creative Conversations: How David Buckley Borden Creatively Communicates Environmental Issues

    It is not every day that we come across artwork that sincerely encourages us to reflect on and rethink our human relationship with Mother Nature. Sure, many artists draw inspiration from our environment’s beauty and the activities we do in the outdoors, but how many creatives really make us question and explore the several positive AND negative aspects of our society’s interactions with nature? We recently learned about an artist who does just that and his work is absolutely fascinating.

    … Read More