RANGE Magazine: Stadiums & Shrines x Venture Out Playlists

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In order to create a visual mixtape article for RANGE Magazine Issue Two, the RANGE crew teamed up with Victoria Masters and Dave Sutton of Stadiums & Shrines, a rad site dedicated to finding the connection between vision and sound. Victoria and Dave set out on a Venture Out-sponsored road trip through New Zealand, documenting their travels through photography and playlists, which are featured below, and in Issue Two.

The first playlist focuses on soothing field recordings created primarily by Kiwi artists with the exception of the intro.

Intro/”Blue Moon” – Chromatics
“Timeless Time” – Sleeper
“Cassandra” – Conrad Wedde
“Earthly Heaven / Joon” – Purple Pilgrims
“Slumber” – Sleeper
“Jewel” – The 3Ds
“Trophy” – Pumice
“E.D.C.A.” – Indira Force
“Insulation & Safely” – Seeami
“Scene 4” – Rhian Sheehan
“Rainshadow Near Christchurch” – Roy Montgomery
“Ashes To Ashes” – Birds of Passage
“In Dreams (Roy Orbison)” – Mount Pleasant

The second playlist has a more upbeat vibe, put together especially for the RANGE Magazine Issue Two Launch Party, “Tunes, Trendz and Friendz.”