Radical By Design: The Primus Eta Spider Integrative Cooking System Does It All

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Packing up for a woodsy adventure really shouldn’t be that difficult, which is why we often opt for camping products that boast a minimal, all-in-one design. Who really wants to carry more than they need to, especially after watching Reese Witherspoon struggle through the PCT with that ginormous pack?! With this experience in mind, we suggest considering the reliable and versatile Primus Eta Spider Stove.

Some stoves are made for elaborate car camping cooks, while others are ideal for backpackers, and the Eta Spider is the latter, weighing in at just 1 lb. 5.1 oz. However, this setup is not just a stove, but rather a system that includes a burner, 1-liter pot, windscreen, plastic bowl for eating and serving, and a nylon carrying bag for easy transport. The Eta Spider utilizes a remote connection to an isobutene-propane fuel canister, allowing the hose-mounted stove to have a lower center of gravity for stability while cooking. With an average boil time around three minutes and 35 seconds, this stove achieves 40% greater fuel efficiency than several standard stoves. Thus, you can cook more and longer with less fuel. Who said backcountry meals can’t be gourmet?

Additional features include heat-resistant silicone foldout handles and integrated spout on the one-liter pot for an easy pouring, BPA-free plastic pot lid with a built-in colander and an easy Piezo igniter. You can also check out the Primus MultiFuel Kit if you’re interested in upgrading the stove to be compatible with other fuel types for colder, high altitude camping. Happy cooking!

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