On Our Radar: Munk Pack Snacks

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Munk Pack products truly hit home when it comes to what the RANGE crew values in foods for outdoor adventure. We enjoy snacks that are accessible, yet nourishing, and minimal in packaging and fuss, but satisfying. Take Good To-Go, for example. When you’re as active as we like to be, ingredients are key, which is why we love that Munk Pack’s food options are free of artificial preservatives and GMOs, vegan, gluten-free and made with only whole foods and whole grains.

Each Munk Pack snack is available in a squeezable, portable and BPA-free package, making them an easy choice for on-the-go nourishment. Inspired by nature and superfoods found at local farms and mills, Munk Pack products are minimally processed without the sugar, syrups and fillers typically found in popular bars and trail snacks. What amazes us is that the brand still creates tasty flavors such as Apple Quinoa Cinnamon, Blueberry Acai Flax and Rasberry Coconut.

As if our admiration for their process and ingredients wasn’t enough to persuade you into joining the Munk Pack bandwagon, the brand has a growing online community of people who rely on their products on a daily basis. Some of our favorite active lifestyle enthusiasts are repping Munk Packs on social media, including Dirtbag Darling’s Johnie Gall, pro skier Keely Kelleher and Vancrafted‘s Brendan and Kelly. Munk Pack engages these community members by featuring their fun product graphics and outdoor photography on the brand’s social sites, labeling contributors as official “Munk Pack Explorers.”

Check out Munk Pack’s Tumblr and Instagram for some inspiration on incorporating healthy snacks into your outdoor activities.

Images courtesy of Munk Pack