1. On Our Radar: Thomas Campbell for Element – The "Bow Tie Collection"

    Fridays call for something special. Fridays call for a feel-good post about sunshine, summer, sliding and gliding, so when the new short-film directed by Thomas Campbell for his Element “Bow Tie Collection” arrived in my inbox, I said to out loud to myself “TGIF”. Shot on classic 16mm film with a soundtrack provided by the surf-jazz duet The Mattson 2, the film follows Roger Mihalko as he shreds like a boss on land and sea.

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  2. On Our Radar: ECOALF + Barneys = Eco-luxe

    As a die-hard greenie (I learned from the best, BB I am looking at you) I take pride in my beliefs. I compost, I use natural products, I eat organically and I skip single-use plastics whenever possible. I firmly believe that each day is as important as Earth Day when it comes to educating the masses on eco-friendly brands and ethical manufacturing, so I am pleased to shine an LED light on an exciting collaboration between ECOALF and Barneys, which features a recycled fishing net fabric briefcase.

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  3. On Our Radar: Oysho Gymwear

    I am trying my best to get back on track. I have been living in a dreamstate for the last week (going through some serious ish) and my goal is push through and start working/working out again. I find that when I am having a “moment” a little run, a short hike or a good yoga class will get me focused. Since I am on the road right now I have a limited amount of appropriate clothing with me, so if I could convince the active gods to take pity on me and somehow make duffel bag of Oysho’s Gymwear collection materialize in my hotel room, I would be very grateful… Read More

  4. Teva – The OG Sport Sandal

    Teva, the OG sport sandal gods, will debut a new limited-edition offering of its iconic sport sandals throughout the spring and summer of 2013. This is excellent news if you are interested in looking sharp, and maintaining optimum comfort while walking, hiking or cruising around town. Teh-Vuh, not Tee-Vuh –say it with me– which translates to “nature” in Hebrew, created the original sport sandal in 1984 when a Grand Canyon river guide blended the “best parts of a shoe and sandal”. The outdoor community has never skipped a beat when it comes to their affinity for the sport sandal, and in recent years the fashion industry has also started to pay attention to this functional silhouette.

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  5. On Our Radar: Insight’s New Yawn City Collection

    Insight always makes me smile. They approach each season with a very distinct goal…to design pieces that they want to wear with influences that are as far flung as outer space and as familiar as a day at the beach. For their men’s Spring 12 collection, they took inspiration from a pretty eclectic mash-up of locations and paid homage to the both the vibrancy of Mexican coastlines and the raw streets of New York City for a tightly curated collection called New Yawn City.

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  6. On Our Radar: Panda Bear for Altamont

    Good t-shirts, like good songs, are meant to be worn/played on repeat. When I hear a song that resonates with me, I listen to it over and over again until I have completely absorbed it on a cellular level. When I find a t-shirt I love, the same rules apply. I wear the shirt for a few days in a row, so it feels lived in. So it feels like me. When I read that Panda Bear had designed some shirts for Altamont, the first thought that crossed my mind was how technically, I could wear something designed by a band I like while simultaneously listening to their music on repeat. Forever.
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  7. On Our Radar: Hang Ten Gold Spring 2013

    I had the most amazing tie-dyed cruiser when I was a little girl. It was purple and blue with fat pink wheels and it was my prized possession. When I rode it around my neighborhood, I wore a pair of Hang Ten terry cloth shorts to complete my total skate-meets-surf-meets-Brooklyn look. I know for a fact that I have been trying to reproduce that exact outfit/moment for most of my adult life, which is why I am stoked to report that Hang Ten is taking a shot at reviving its storied past with a new collection called Hang Ten Gold.

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