1. On Our Radar: Patagonia’s 40th Anniversary – The Legacy Collection

    In celebration of Patagonia’s 40th Anniversary, I feel incredibly honored to share a sneak peek of the Legacy look book, which features images of their upcoming Legacy Collection shot by Foster Huntington. The 10-piece collection, inspired by some of Patagonia’s first product, includes modern interpretations of key pieces that have shaped them as a brand.

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  2. Escape + Explore: Beach Bums, Sonoma County – Part I

    I just spent the last week getting lost in Northern California with some of my best friends. Since it was the 4th of July, we figured that the only real way to celebrate was to go car camping at the beach, it basically doesn’t get more American than that. We managed to stir up quite a bit of adventure, which included some serious beach combing sessions, hiking and coastal scrambling, speed-boating and river rafting, rope swinging and dice games for shells.

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  3. Agenda WNMS Launch @ Space 15 Twenty

    Hay girl hayyyyyy, have you heard? AGENDA trade show is launching a new segment JUST FOR LADIES called Agenda WMNS. Just thought you should know. Cultivated by one of my favorite humans, industry vet Vanessa Chiu, Agenda WMNS will be a “forum aligning aspirational, influential, pretty things”. It will live inside a new section of the show in Long Beach called “The WOODS” and will open up a dialogue for women’s fashion-forward apparel in the the action sports arena like never before.

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  4. On Our Radar: Danny MacAskill + Red Bull #Imaginate

    People are always asking me what the secret to a successful marketing strategy is. My response is usually pretty simple…originality and innovation. I like when brands think outside of the box in terms of approach and execution, regardless of whether it is a campaign, a catalogue or a digital activation. All of these pieces play an integral role in the overall image of the brand. Red Bull knows a thing or two about innovation. They have set the bar pretty high, you could even say they have reached stratospheric heights (lol), so I am not afraid to admit that they have completely blown my mind with their latest episode of Danny MacASkill’s Imaginate series… Read More

  5. Creative Conversations: Gramicci – S/14 Wander With Us

    Over the years I have had the opportunity to watch the evolution of Gramicci, one of my favorite outdoor lifestyle brands, as they segued from the land of crunchy basics to a fashion-forward oasis. With a visionary design team at the helm, they have literally moved the brand into a category that is more aligned with ready-to-wear than frumpy outdoor apparel. How did they do this? Well, take a look at their new S/14 collection Wander with US, which is chock-full of super cute silhouettes (there are not one, but two overalls for women’s), unexpected colors, decorative prints inspired by exotic travels and eco-friendly performance fabrics that actually function. Boom.

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  6. Hypothetical Trips + Packing Tips: Tokyo

    Since I have lived most of my adult life on the road traveling for work, I often feel like a bit of a gypsy. Over the years, I have collected tons of tips from “travels pros” and I have since become sort of a “packing pro” myself. People always ask me what I bring along when I hop on a plane, so this post is inspired by what I would pack for a hypothetical trip to Tokyo, from clothing to beauty products and gear. Trust me, this isn’t my first rodeo.

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  7. James Turrell – A Retrospective @ LACMA

    Yesterday, I had an out of body experience so profound that I had to come home and immediately write about it. I spent the day at LACMA, taking in part 1 of the James Turrell Retrospective. Parts 2 and 3 of the tri-city exhibit, which will highlight the many milestones in Turrell’s luminary career, are set to launch at the MFAH on June 9 and the Guggenheim Museum on June 21, and then continue on to Europe shortly after.

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