1. Black Friday Becomes Brighter as Patagonia Gives 100% For the Planet

    During trying and uncertain times like these, it’s important to have your priorities straight, and we’re so glad Patagonia continues to be a brand that is conscious of its impact. On Black Friday, November 25, which is one of America’s biggest consumer shopping days of the year, Patagonia will be donating 100% of their retail store and online global sales to grassroots environmental organizations charged with protecting our air, water and soil. Yes, you read this right. They are allocating all of this lucrative day’s revenue to support our planet’s wellbeing. … Read More

  2. On Our Radar: Make & Mary, the Artisan Side of Cannabis

    What do Oregon, Washington, Colorado, California and Massachusetts all have in common? Marijuana. Finally, the decriminalization and legalization of recreational weed is making its way throughout the U.S. The face of the weed industry is changing and the stigma around it is slowly, but surely becoming obsolete. As weed enters new territories, we’re seeing new and innovative ways to explore both the healing and creative benefits of cannabis. Weed gyms are popping up in San Francisco, and designers are elevating the pot-smoking experience by reimagining smoking paraphernalia for sophisticated smokers. It’s 2016, folks, and cannabis culture is making its way to the mainstream. … Read More

  3. Earth, Wind and Fire: Ali Beletic’s Expansive Art

    Through her paintings, sculptures and environmental installations, Ali Beletic searches for our latent empathy with nature. Driven by an unwavering conviction that our humanity is best reflected by the natural environment, Beletic uses air, earth, fire and water in combination with organic materials like metal and wood. Weaving ephemeral, sensory elements like light and sound into her installations, she creates physically immersive experiences.  … Read More

  4. Wild Women’s Project: Uniting Women to Connect and Lead Our Community

    I am passionate about connecting people, thrilled to hear people’s stories, and inspired to bring the best out of myself, my environment, my community and all those I meet. After five years in a traditional agency routine, six months on the road through Alaska and the West, and three years as a co-founder at BoldBrew, a public relations and marketing shop, this is my mantra: this is why I do what I do, live where I live, and am who I am. And so, last summer, BoldBrew launched the Wild Women’s Project, a space for women to gather, converse and ignite action on the outlook of creativity, conservation, connection and commerce in the outdoor community. … Read More

  5. Hike it Baby: Raising a Generation to Love the Outdoors

    If you were to ask a room full of people what some of their fondest childhood memories were, odds are nine out of 10 would talk about time spent outdoors throwing snowballs, playing in parks, building treehouses, and riding bikes. Simple pleasures that for generations defined what it meant to be a kid. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Our lives have become so digitally dependent that our children are more likely to catch a firefly in an iPhone app than in field surrounded by trees and wildlife. They are turning into turbo bots, who spend countless hours a day staring at screens while totally disconnected from their natural surroundings. … Read More

  6. New Hues: Plant Dyes, A Modern Field Guide

    When I tell people I dye fabric with plants, they immediately paint me as a some sort of bohemian earth mama. In reality, I‘m more of a type-A workaholic with a love for plants. This perception has more to do with what people have heard about “natural dyes” than first-hand knowledge. Indigo is the only plant dye that’s become a part of mainstream culture, but it’s quickly paving the way for others. … Read More

  7. Hit List: Fall Cycling Essentials

    Fall is one of our favorite times to ride bikes, and watching the leaves change color on two wheels can’t be beat. At RANGE, we say out with sweaty helmet hair and funny tan lines, and in with warm wools and technical fabrics. You don’t have to give up looking good on your bike when the temperature drops, so to show you how to do it, we’ve compiled a hit list of our favorite cycling-friendly items that are perfect for fall. … Read More

  8. On Our Radar: The Girlfriend Collective’s Mission for a High Quality, Sustainable Legging

    After experiencing disappointment in all the high-priced legging options on the market, Ellie Dinh just didn’t feel that they were thoughtful enough in their quality and origin. “I could not find, no matter how hard I looked, activewear that was thoughtful. Thoughtful in terms of design, thoughtful about where clothing was coming from, and thoughtful about quality.” … Read More