1. On Our Radar: The Nau Slight Collection

    We can all agree that it’s pretty frustrating during this time of year when temperatures vary throughout the day and that jacket you left the house in this morning is no longer needed once it hits noon. While you can drape it over your arm or try stuffing it in your already full bag, wouldn’t it be nice to just fold it up into a neat little package? Clearly the folks at Nau have also dealt with the springtime jacket struggle, so to address this issue, they’ve launched their Slight Collection, which features lightweight jackets that can easily be compacted and folded down into their own pockets. … Read More

  2. Rad Retailers: Our New Favorite Outfitter Feral Mountain Co.

    Stepping into Feral Mountain Co. is like walking into your coolest friend’s house growing up, as cozy as your home, but with better stuff and chill parents. Located on the walkable Tennyson Street in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood, Feral primarily specializes in premium gear and trip planning, but they do much more than that. Feral is small, for sure, but its craftsman walls are bursting with adventure inspiration. … Read More

  3. A Spring Escape: Exploring Teva’s Backyard of Santa Barbara

    For those of you who live in Portland, Oregon, you know we’ve had a pretty rough winter this year. Now, I know what the rest of you are thinking. “You live in the Pacific Northwest and you should be used to it.” But I can assure you that out of the seven winter seasons I’ve spent in Portland, this winter has been particularly hard for your friends on the Upper Left Side. So when we got a call from Teva to join them on a trip to explore their beautiful backyard of Santa Barbara, we dropped everything we were doing and packed our bags. Spring break had come early for the RANGE team. … Read More

  4. Basket Art House: A Creative Studio for Environmental Non-Profits

    As many in our nation hold their breath as the new administration takes office and awaits the possible ramifications for our environment, it’s comforting to know that there are a variety of grassroots and established non-profit organizations on the ground working to protect the Earth. What’s important now is to focus our energy on supporting those organizations and their work in any way we can, and Geoff Holstad, Apparel Graphic Designer at Patagonia and Director of the roaming creative residency Cabin-Time–see RANGE Magazine Issue Five for more information–has launched a new non-profit venture called Basket Art House to do exactly that. … Read More

  5. Backpacking in Oregon #18

    A beach scene on a sleeping pad, sand still in her shoes from the trip before.

    We sit & lay on opposite sides of winter drinking rose from a space bag.

    Back in the city, a neglected fern dies on the windowsill.

    The empire still feels like a punch to the stomach.

    Who will carry me back home after this hike? … Read More

  6. Make & Mary

    What do Oregon, Washington, Colorado, California and Massachusetts all have in common? Marijuana. Finally, the decriminalization and legalization of recreational weed is making its way throughout the U.S. The face of the weed industry is changing and the stigma around it is slowly, but surely becoming obsolete. As weed enters new territories, we’re seeing new and innovative ways to explore both the healing and creative benefits of cannabis. Weed gyms like Power Plant Fitness are popping up in San Francisco and designers are elevating the pot-smoking experience by reimagining artisan paraphernalia for sophisticated smokers. It’s 2016, folks, and cannabis culture is making its way to the mainstream. … Read More

  7. New American Quilts: Artist Carson Davis Brown’s Homage to Corporate Consumption

    Inspired by the tradition of American quilting and the performative technique of détournement, New American Quilts (NAQ) is an ongoing site-specific installation and photographic project by Carson Davis Brown, partially supported through a VSCO Artist Initiative grant. “Simulating branded edifice and the promise of abundance,” Brown creates quilt patterns in the most ubiquitous of big box stores by meticulously stacking, organizing and repositioning everyday items like detergent, sponges and dish towels. He then photographs the ornate displays and prints the images at Walmart’s photo department, using these captured moments to inform the motifs woven into each blanket. … Read More

  8. “Radical by Design” Seal of Approval

    New products come and go, but certain items leave a lasting impression. They are the “greatest hits,” distinctive products designed to elevate outdoor adventure. The perfect combination of form and function. These products are not only innovative, but are also created to look good and feel right for the modern outdoor consumer. They utilize forward-thinking materials in a new way, or they incorporate classic design details into contemporary shapes and silhouettes. … Read More