1. On Our Radar: Mountain Standard Launches Its First Women’s Line

    Mountains cast their own vibes. You can feel it from far off — the harsh terrain, the stark solitude. Imposing and inviting all at once, they’re a playground of possibilities, so it’s no surprise that the vast region stretching from the Rockies to the Pacific would hold all the inspiration needed for the team behind Boulder-based outdoor brand Mountain Standard.

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  2. The Delicate Art of Pushing: The Grit and Grace it Takes to Adventure with Your S.O.

    “This is it,” I told myself, traversing a granite ledge, scrambling up a grassy corner and onto the next ledge, nearing the top of the pass. “We’ll pop out at the top of a beautiful alpine lake, pitch the tent, and be done for the day.” I couldn’t remember feeling this way before, the hollow, almost fluttery feeling across my chest as I pushed the pace through the day’s 11th hour. Sure, I’d brought myself to what I thought was the limit before, running the 800-meter in high school, 5Ks in college, half marathons in my 20s. But this was completely different, and I didn’t know how much farther I could go. … Read More

  3. Going It Alone: Finding Solace in Solitary Hiking

    I didn’t intend to become a solo hiker. It happened as a matter of circumstance. I was single, and most of my friends were married with babies and small children. Their lives didn’t much allow for day hikes, let alone a weekend trip in the backcountry. I’m shy and not much of a joiner, so hiking clubs didn’t appeal to me. I started setting out on my own long day hikes, but soon got a little bored. Seeking a new challenge a little farther afield, I planned a camping trip with a friend who also wanted to hike to the top of Mount San Jacinto, one of southern California’s highest peaks. I arrived in Idyllwild where we planned to meet and checked my phone. My friend was sick and wouldn’t be able to join me. … Read More

  4. Topo Designs x Westerlind: An Update on the Classic Ranger Hat

    Two of our favorite brands, Topo Designs and Westerlind, have come together to make some modern outdoor magic. They literally put their heads together for a new take on the classic ranger hat. Made from wool felt and dyed a lush shade of forest green, the wide brim hat is accented with a classic red paracord and a globe spring lock. The perfect combination of fashion and function.

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  5. Under The Volcano: Our Seven Days in Iceland

    On August 20, 2014, the international scientific community issued a warning that Iceland’s Bárðarbunga volcano was most certainly going to erupt. I read the news while sitting at my kitchen table in Brooklyn, surfing the web as I finished breakfast and prepared to pack for an overnight flight to Reykjavik. The news of an impending eruption was so distressing that I panicked. I immediately ran into my bedroom, stripped down to my underwear, and lay on the floor, trying to breath normally. … Read More

  6. Creative Conversations: Martin Ahe, Wonders App CEO and Co-Founder, on Adventures, Big and Small

    Inspiration is a tricky thing. It can be found in the smallest of adventures or the grandest of schemes, quick jaunt around the neighborhood or cresting the peaks of the highest mountains. It’s also the driving force behind Wonders, an app full of community-sourced inspiration in the form of images and narratives that speak to all of our deepest urges for adventure. … Read More