The Montana Experience: A Story of River Surfing

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Rugged mountain ranges, vast wilderness and charming countrysides define the Montana experience, but it’s the rivers of Montana that are inspiring, quite literally, a new wave of opportunity to connect with the outdoors. Raging rapids formed from glaciers and snowmelt create a canvas. Free flowing and honest rivers invite us to be our most “wild” selves, provided we’re willing to answer the call. Enter the Montana River Surfers.

There is an art to pioneering a culture, a sport, a movement. The time and energy it takes to explore new terrain, combined with trials and tribulations of doing so, both challenges and humbles you. As leaders of the mountain surf culture, Strongwater MTN Surf Co. is redefining the sport of surfing and using Montana as their platform. Running through downtown Missoula, east and west of the Continental Divide, Montana rivers like the Clark Fork and Yellowstone were once unchartered waters. By harnessing the energy found in nature, the Montana river surfers have established a new platform for their sport, while shaping a truly unique and captivating lifestyle: their own Montana experience.

This article was originally published in RANGE Magazine Issue Five.

xx Lisa