Make & Mary

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What do Oregon, Washington, Colorado, California and Massachusetts all have in common? Marijuana. Finally, the decriminalization and legalization of recreational weed is making its way throughout the U.S. The face of the weed industry is changing and the stigma around it is slowly, but surely becoming obsolete. As weed enters new territories, we’re seeing new and innovative ways to explore both the healing and creative benefits of cannabis. Weed gyms like Power Plant Fitness are popping up in San Francisco and designers are elevating the pot-smoking experience by reimagining artisan paraphernalia for sophisticated smokers. It’s 2016, folks, and cannabis culture is making its way to the mainstream.

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts about cannabis becoming more commonplace is the opportunity to share weed with others in social settings. The first of its kind, Make & Mary is a weed social event in Portland, Oregon that’s kickstarting a movement, while tapping into the creative community. Serving as a new venture into the workshop platform, Make & Mary encourages connection and creativity through natural herbs. It’s people like Yvonne Perez Emerson, the creator of Make & Mary, who are shedding light on the artisan side of cannabis. Through creative collaborations, Make & Mary will pair a maker and cannabis supplier, and offer a unique environment to create crafts ranging from macrame and Shibori to geometric brass himmeli ornaments. By bringing two communities together, Make & Mary contributes to the overall movement of normalizing weed, especially in social settings. We couldn’t be more excited to see the shift in cannabis culture and the inspiring, educational and fun ways to explore it.

This article was originally published in RANGE Zine Issue Six.

xx Lisa