On Our Radar: How REI Builds Community Around Its New Brand evrgrn

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Building online communities has become a top priority for brands trying to reach younger generations of tech-savvy campers and hikers. However, there’s still something incredibly powerful about bringing people together to experience products and brand culture first-hand, which is why we were so stoked to hear about REI’s “evrgrn Loft 2.0.”

This two-day event invited community leaders, media, influencers and outdoor enthusiasts to get inspired by evrgrn’s “gear for good times” and escape the city bustle with a little help from regional chefs, mixologists, artists and musicians. Hosted over the last weekend in September, the evrgrn Loft 2.0 took place in REI’s Community Space at the Wunder Garten in Washington, D.C. The space was originally a vacant lot, but REI transformed it into an urban oasis complete with a hammock forest, vintage-styled bar, art shed, camp stove cook house and flower teepee tower. We LOVE how each one these unique garden features were created with sustainable materials, such as found wood and pallets, repurposed washer and dryer tops, salvaged armchairs, and locally sourced trees and bushes. It definitely makes the entire affair feel conscious and intentional.

We’re really excited to see a core outdoor brand and retailer like REI step outside of the box and create something so beautifully experiential and dynamic. What’s even more rad is that the community space will remain intact with the event’s greenery and lighting for future events, presentations and programs, sticking to the co-op’s collaborative nature and roots.

Be sure to browse through the gallery below, too! The imagery really speaks to how REI unified the outdoor and design communities through the creative concept of evrgrn Loft 2.0.

Images courtesy of REI.

xx Sydney