Black Friday Becomes Brighter as Patagonia Gives 100% For the Planet

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During trying and uncertain times like these, it’s important to have your priorities straight, and we’re so glad Patagonia continues to be a brand that is conscious of its impact. On Black Friday, November 25, which is one of America’s biggest consumer shopping days of the year, Patagonia will be donating 100% of their retail store and online global sales to grassroots environmental organizations charged with protecting our air, water and soil. Yes, you read this right. They are allocating all of this lucrative day’s revenue to support our planet’s wellbeing.

While the brand is normally charitable throughout the year, giving 1% of its global sales to environmental groups, this makes a major statement. By supporting small, underfunded and under the radar grassroots organizations that are protecting our environment on the ground, Patagonia is taking a stand to ensure that our environment stays healthy not only for us, but for future generations.

But they’re not even stopping there. Patagonia will also be providing information in their retail locations and on their website about how you can get in touch and become involved with these important groups in your own community, making it that much easier to join the movement and #LoveOurPlanet.

Image courtesy of Patagonia.

xx Alex