Through The Lens: Ali Vagnini + Jules Davies For Jungmaven

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We’re told Vedauwoo, Wyoming is a rather strange place. Not in a wacky, oh-please-don’t-go-there type of way though. More like an unexpectedly captivating landscape of rocky outcrops surrounded by serene rolling plains, a perfect combo when you’re looking to explore outside with some friends, and shoot rad photos of the latest Jungmaven collection. At least that’s what our good friend Jules Davies loves about the area.

“Your feet grab the bulbous granite boulders like velcro, and you feel like a superhero strolling up an inclined face,” she shared. “We set up camp in the magical land of off-width climbing and romped around ’til the light left us.”

Jules art directed the Jungmaven shoot, skillfully styling models Chandler Reed and Milli Peters with other brands like Proof Eyewear, Birkenstock and Stetson, while the talented Ali Vagnini captured several stunning frames, some highlighting the distinct colors and textures of the fabrics, and others connecting the brand’s playfully curious and adventurous spirit with the Vedauwoo scenery.

Honestly, this batch of photographs is some of the most refreshing imagery we’ve seen this season, so be sure to take a good look before you head out for a weekend adventure of your own!